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Kell-Ell Pitch document by SpawnofSprang Kell-Ell Pitch document by SpawnofSprang
After we got the greenlight for a second season, the network pushed us to do something different with Superman. I knew I needed to age up his design to reflect his name better, since the first season design was originally intended to be Superboy, but the network had something more radial in mind. They wanted a whold new character who was Superman but not. I futilely suggested using Mon-El, and they said 'who's that?'. Moving on. Basically they wanted someone with the name Superman but with the edge factor of a Batman or Wolverine. We had been a reluctant second season renewal, so I knew we had to step up our game. I went away from the meeting knowing I had to come up with an original concept that would wow the network and give them confidence in our new direction. I went to my desk and drew this comic up suggesting who this new Superman would be. I named him Superman-X (ultimately that didn't fly because of being too close to X-men). Once Michael Jelenic came on board as story editor, we went about crafting his full origin that was shown in 'Man from the Edge of Tomorrow'. Anywho, this is the original comic strip I did after that meeting showing how Kell-El's powers would work for Legion of Superheroes second season.
Jason-Steeel7 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whoah! This looks BAD! Um, in the good way. :)
StardustDragon Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011
I suspected as much of the characters origins. It certainly is an interesting idea. Uniting Superman with his greatest weakness, you get the sense that he's almost fighting a war not just against Impreix but against himself so that the result is either someone who is completely insane or someone so disciplined and focused as to channel such extraordinary and violate power.

Anyway, great sketches for quickly selling us on the character.
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